qtmoko change log

Eric Ehlers eric.ehlers at nazcatech.be
Fri Jan 6 19:04:31 CET 2012

hi all,

the qtmoko change log at


is slightly out of date.  for my own purposes i grabbed the relevant
text off this list, see below.

if someone would like to update the wiki that would be great! :)
otherwise if you prefer i would be happy to do it myself, i just need
access, my sourceforge id is ericehlers.

kind regards,

v34 -> v35

* Fix missing icon for qtmoko apps web
* Build with translations
* Fix Xglamo install in QX
* Dont build qx_helper, it's not needed anymore
* Fixed package description for gta02-gsm-bt-fix

v33 -> v34

* QX installs Xglamo as debian package
* WLAN with wpa-psk can now connect more then once (Alfa21)
* QNetWalk package has been fixed
* accelerometers in QtMaze now work
* NeronGPS moved back to old nice version
* disabled disk cache in Arora
* qtmoko bookmarks in Arora
* usb mass storage has now param removable=y for happy winxp (Alfa21)
* faenqo theme - added golden debian background (Tiago Bortoletto Vaz)
* themes now use jpg for backgrounds to save space (Tiago Bortoletto
* docked keyboard - fix ctl and alt keys always pressed (Gennady Kupava)
* disabled login on tty1..tty6 to save memory
* qterminal - dont display unused back icon (Gennady Kupava)
* fix back icon in help browser (Gennady Kupava)
* new beautiful theme faenqomod (Joif)
* correct package dependencies in eyepiece
* qtmoko internal package manager has been disabled
* building kernel as debian package

v32 -> v33

* new theme "faenqo" (cyberspirit)
* qtmoko and it's applications are packaged as debian packages
* compiled natively on ARM with debian toolchain
* new web with applications and themes [4]
* applications are now installed from web browser
* new icon for installing qtmoko apps in Applications
* you can easily install new themes in appearence settings
* fixed usb mass storage script (thanks to Alfa21)
* omhacks are installed as debian package from sid
* qmplayer installs mencoder in debian
* mencoder uses ac3 codec for audio
* orange led brightness should be fixed (only in sources)
* moved all apps from qtmoko-apps git to qtmoko git
* updated docs for building and compiling

v31 -> v32

- switched from debian lenny->squeeze
- switched from bluez3->bluez4
- fixed the bug in power manager (switching battery/lock/charger)
- fixed USB device/host scripts for recent kernel
- fixed default DNS
- qx can install X server (xglamo/xorg-glamo)
- X server is no longer in image
- updated omhacks
- fixed qvga in qmplayer/qmokoplayer
- GPS is now really powered down when no one uses it
- SD card image has also manual pages and other data
- qemu build host for people who want to make release themselves (see
- added files and info for native compiling on ARM host

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