SHR-Core : Display issue?

Iain B. Findleton ifindleton at
Mon Jan 9 16:00:15 CET 2012

I have been running the SHR 2.6.29 kernel for a while. Lately I tried
to install the latest SHR-core kernel ( WITHOUT installing the
rootfs files. This procedure has worked fine for other kernel upgrades.

In this latter case, while running 2.6.39, the display appears to have
gotten into trouble in that touch screen locations appear to be wildly
off. Applications no longer respond to button press activity as expected,
and it appears that the coordinates of the press are off in the y direction
by about 50% of the screen size.

Anybody have an idea why this would be so? Is upgrading the rootfs
a requirement for the new kernel?

Iain B. Findleton

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