[QtMoko] MokoFaen theme questions

SZENTE Balint balint at szentedwg.ro
Tue Jan 10 15:12:14 CET 2012


On Tue, 10 Jan 2012 14:47:15 +0100
fdvjoif at vodafone.it wrote:

> 1) it's a feature that I didn't consider at first, at the moment it 
> doesn't work but I suppose it's just a problem with the xml. I'll
> work on it!

I would be glad if you could fix this. I use this feature to detect
when the GSM chip occasionally looses the connection in deep-sleep with
low battery (the showed location differs from the place where actually I
am). After the resume it reconnects on the GSM network, but at least
I'm aware this way that I might missed some calls :-)

> 2) and 3) I know these issues but I do not have a solution, hints 
> appreciated :)

I will take a look in the source code. Maybe we can fix it directly
from the C++ code that generates those strings.


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