SHR-Core : Display issue?

Iain B. Findleton ifindleton at
Wed Jan 11 20:20:23 CET 2012

Thanks. I reverted to an install of SHR-U, the whole thing, and stuff is 
working fine again. I will probably flash it.

I ultimately did try SHR-core including the rootfs on uSD without any 
happiness. Will try again some time in the future.

Benjamin Deering wrote:
> I seem to remember something about event filtering being moved from 
> kernelspace to userspace.  If that is correct, you are running without 
> any event filtering.  The signal from the touchscreen hardware is very 
> noisy, and software is needed to average it out.
> Upgrading the rootfs might be a good idea anyway.  I have the last shr 
> unstable installed in NAND on my freerunner, and the latest shr-core 
> installed on an sd card.  SHR-core is stabilizing quickly and I use it 
> as my daily phone now.  If you have everything working the way you 
> want it with shr-unstable it might be worth making a backup.
> Last winter I wrote myself a script to go from a fresh install to 
> customized.  It installs programs, adds extra kernel modules for some 
> sensors I added, changes some config files, and downloads then 
> extracts a backup of my home directory.  This makes it a lot less 
> daunting to do a reflash.
> Ben
> On 01/09/2012 10:00 AM, Iain B. Findleton wrote:
>> I have been running the SHR 2.6.29 kernel for a while. Lately I tried
>> to install the latest SHR-core kernel ( WITHOUT installing the
>> rootfs files. This procedure has worked fine for other kernel upgrades.
>> In this latter case, while running 2.6.39, the display appears to have
>> gotten into trouble in that touch screen locations appear to be wildly
>> off. Applications no longer respond to button press activity as 
>> expected,
>> and it appears that the coordinates of the press are off in the y 
>> direction
>> by about 50% of the screen size.
>> Anybody have an idea why this would be so? Is upgrading the rootfs
>> a requirement for the new kernel?
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