Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – Results

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Jan 16 10:08:18 CET 2012

> The cheapest UMTS Android 2.2 device I can currently get in
> Germany is at 129 EUR (most likely from some overstock clearance).

Android phones start around 20 USD at quantity 1000 in China, see
HEDY as one example of many
Probably not with 3G for 25 USD, but that's just another detail and
the costs of silicon are not the driver, so even with 3G expect it
to be coming down into the sub-50 USD range fast, if it's not there
yet (just call or email HEDY if you want to know, really. They have
nice spreadsheets with their currently shipping products...).


Apple is one of the few Western companies that truly care about worker
conditions at their factories. The lobby-driven propaganda will go
on because it works so well, but it's a flat out lie. Apple has the
highest employee standards. Every worker at every Chinese IT industry
factory would love to work on an "Apple line" or a product that
eventually goes to Apple, because the standards are higher, deep into
the supply chain.
At least 20-30% higher pay, better dormitories, better food, better
safety standards, and so on. Apple is the most humble and truly best
company about all the good things they do every day, without wasting
time on competing in the talk circus.

If you worry about worker conditions, start everywhere non-Apple.
Do you care whether this story is true, or whether it suits your needs?

> 4. a final observation is that I have to conclude that some of us have
> no realistic perception of the market prices. 

Many people seem to want to pay more for a good headphone nowadays
than for a good phone. Maybe it is not clear to most what a 'good'
phone should be?

HTC bought Dr. Dre's Beats a few months ago to the reported tune
of 300+ million USD

Keep up the good work, HTC! (and don't forget factory workers :-))

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