Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – Results

Martix at
Mon Jan 16 14:24:38 CET 2012

Dne 16.1.2012 09:31, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller napsal(a):
> Let me describe my first observations from these figures (not deeply
> elaborated):
> 1. this result shows that we have a very large bandwidth what we
> see as an acceptable price. For some of us the current price (which is
> production cost driven) is ok, while for others it is far too high.
> 2. I find it interesting that there is no big difference between Q1 and Q2
> which indicates that we either buy immediately or are just willing to add
> 50 EUR to make us unwilling buyers. This appears to be a strong
> "mental level of maximum acceptable price". Or is it just available budget? If
> we have it we buy immediately, if we don't we can't even buy unwillingly?
> Or is it driven by the addition of Q2 only after 30 responses on Q1 only?
> 3. at the current price of the GTA04 group tour (450-500 EUR range) we
> can expect approx. 30% buyers. This would still mean 6000 of the originally
> sold GTA02 devices. Hm. We are still far away from this figure with
> subscriptions. What are the reasons?
Because many people (not me) thinks that Neo FreeRunner was a failure, 
not just owners, but also people who read blogs, forums, e-mails... 
Associating "Phoenix Phone" with Openmoko's faults is bad marketing idea 
and is killing whole GTA04 project. Phoenix Phone needs at least whole 
new case and display competing with today's phone designs.
> 4. a final observation is that I have to conclude that some of us have
> no realistic perception of the market prices.
> More than 40% would not want to pay more than 200-250 EUR
> for a complete GTA04 (even with case etc.).
On the contrary, many people compare GTA04 price with other OMAP3 based 
Linux phones like Nokia N900, simple supply and demand. 749 € is _not_ 
realistic for OMAP3 smartphone in 2012.
> This makes me really puzzled as the GTA02 was never sold cheaper
> than 199 EUR. Isn't getting UMTS, fast 3D graphics any value to the
> majority of the Openmoko community?
Original Neo FreeRunner was never sold expensively than $399 (approx. 315€).
Disclaimer: I voted higher price counting Navigation Board's price to 
Neo FreeRunner's.
> The cheapest UMTS Android 2.2 device I can currently get in
> Germany is at 129 EUR (most likely from some overstock clearance).
> Has a 320x240 display, no sensors, no free and open software. No
> hardware description, no schematics. Appears to be crap and much
> less featured than the GTA04. But the poll result indicates this is the
> way we should go. Really?
> I wnder how the community thinks it can be done at such low prices?
Learn some pragmatic approach:
Manufacturing in China is not always done under bad employees conditions.

Also Raspberry Pi for $25/$35 is too expensive. The Allwinner A10 board 
with ARM Cortex-A8 and MALI400MP 3D graphics (with Open Source userspace 
driver) could be manufactured for $15.
I know, it's just a CPU board, but what is your manufacturing price for 
just a GTA04's CPU board without peripherals?

I think GTA05 could be done more competitive.

Best Regards,


PS: I'd like to donate to Kickstarter campaing for making complete GTA05 
device under 300 €.

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