Re: Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – Results

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Mon Jan 16 19:29:44 CET 2012

Am 16.01.2012 um 18:43 schrieb Al Johnson:

> On Monday 16 January 2012 09:31:23 Dr.  H.  Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Let me describe my first observations from these figures (not deeply
>> elaborated):
>> 1. this result shows that we have a very large bandwidth what we
>> see as an acceptable price. For some of us the current price (which is
>> production cost driven) is ok, while for others it is far too high.
>> 2. I find it interesting that there is no big difference between Q1 and Q2
>> which indicates that we either buy immediately or are just willing to add
>> 50 EUR to make us unwilling buyers. This appears to be a strong
>> "mental level of maximum acceptable price". Or is it just available budget?
>> If we have it we buy immediately, if we don't we can't even buy
>> unwillingly? Or is it driven by the addition of Q2 only after 30 responses
>> on Q1 only?
> For me GTA04 is a bigger chunk of a smaller toy budget than GTA02 was, plus I 
> needed a new phone then and I don't now. I want a GTA04 but it's hard to 
> justify right now. Making a donation to help keep the project alive would be 
> much easier to justify, but I haven't seen any way to do that. I'd like to 

Well, there is a donation option as the first "product" variant:

> give something now so that there's a chance I can still buy an open phone in 
> the future. Having a gold standard for phone openness is important, even if I 
> can't afford one just now.

If there are many more who have the same problem, we could think of a payment

pay let's say 200 EUR and we can buy in big batches the most critical parts (CPU,
Memory, UMTS module) where every ordered chip counts to bring down the price
for everyone. Pay another 150 EUR and we will buy the remaining ones and passive

Pay the final 150 EUR and we will build the GTA04 board from the components
that are already in stock. This can probably been done in batches of 50 units.

Although everthing should be done within a small number of months since
soldering components is best done when they are fresh.

Then it is not just a donation, but you also have a chance to finally get an upgrade.

Just an idea. I don't know if the logistics is as easy as I think...

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