[Gta04-owner] Openmoko Community Survey 2011 ? Results

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Tue Jan 17 20:24:19 CET 2012

El día Tuesday, January 17, 2012 a las 11:05:22PM +1100, Philip Rhoades escribió:

> I bought the FR as an experiment and didn't use it day-to-day - I 
> played with every new version and was quite interested in the GPS 
> functionality.  Sometime later my old phone died and by then QtMoko was 
> nice enough to use as a daily phone but there are still some limitations 
> (battery life, hard to hear in non-quiet situations, GPS app problems 
> etc).  I am a Linux geek but a fairly light mobile phone user - I just 
> couldn't justify spending another big chunk of money on something that 
> uses the same case . .

Concerning some of your points:

battery life: this was always an issue while using Om2008.9; sometimes I
just ended up with a brick with no power; this was because suspend was
not working reliable, or better wakeup was not; now with SHR my FR is always
in suspend mode and wakes up fine on any incoming call, on SMS, on Alarm;
I run days(!) without looking for a recharge, really!

as well GPS is working like a champ, I start tangoGPS and after a few
seconds (in clear sky) the FR knows where we are;

give SHR a try (I'm running some stable version of 2010, I think)

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