Information about linux drivers for voice in neofreerunner........

Thomas Zimmermann ml at
Thu Jan 19 09:23:29 CET 2012

On Wednesday, January 18, 2012 18:19:41 Arslan Abbasi wrote:
> Simple recording and playback of recorded sounds can be done but, can
> anyone give me some clue if it has enough
> processing power to do real time voice processing and transmitting
> processed voice at the same time. And please, if anybody has any code
> related to voice manipulations on this phone or in particular real time
> voice processing while transmitting through gsm, share it. It'll be very
> nice of you.
> @Dave... Encrypting gsm is legal in our country, and as far as i think
> encryption shouldn't be illegal coz voice/data is your private property so
> protecting it further shouldn't be a problem with anybody as long as it
> doesn't affects their systems.

What I've found in the archive is this thread:
But it's not the thread I remember, i think there was somone who did it for 
real as a bachlor thesis or sth like this...

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