question about installing android on FR

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 Just read the instructions here, here pasted:
Partition and format the SD card

For Android to work properly the Micro SD Card in your FreeRunner needs to
have 2 primary partitions. The first needs to be a VFAT/MSDOS (16 or 32)
partition which is used is mounted as '/sdcard', this is used as a storage
area (for pictures, movies, music, etc). The second is an ext3 partition
which Android mounts as '/data', this is where it stores settings, caches,

Experience has shown that sizing these at a ratio of 3 to 1 works best. So
if you have a 4GB card make a 3GB vfat partition and a 1GB ext3 partion.

Experience has also shown that it is best to delete all existing partitions
and create new when installing a new build. *(This greatly helps the
testing and bug fixing process).* Comprehensive information on partitioning
and formatting your SD card can be found on the Openmoko

*Note* Users have reported that it is also possible to install Android by
making a single partition formatted as VFAT/MSDOS

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> please if you know just answer question nothing more ,thanks

AND BE KIND! we are not working FOR you :D

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