Fonts way too big on QtMoko

Radek Polak psonek2 at
Sun Jan 29 14:18:49 CET 2012

On Saturday 28 January 2012 22:16:50 Thomas Pantzer wrote:

> Hello,
> can someone help me with the following two issues,
> maybe they are beginners fault.
> 1.)
> I created my own application with QT "designer".
> When I run it on my Freerunner (GTA02) the application
> looks very ugly. The fonts are much bigger as viewed
> with the preview from the designer.
> 2.)
> How can I make my application look like the other
> QtMoko applications. When I open the ui files from
> the example applications in the designer they look
> like mine. But on the Freerunner they look different
> (much nicer) than mine.

You need different main method with Qtopia macros - something like this [1] or 
it can be enough to replace QApplication with QtopiaApplication.




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