Installing v35

Liz edodd at
Tue Jan 31 08:45:11 CET 2012

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 08:07:57 +0100
Radek Polak <psonek2 at> wrote:

> On Tuesday 31 January 2012 05:39:59 Liz wrote:
> > I tried flashing the NAND with a few other bootloaders.
> > What I have now is that pushing the Power key gives me NOR boot.
> First i think you are mixing POWER and AUX button:
> POWER = the circle button near the USB connector
> AUX = the rectangular button on the same side as headphones jack
> and you are mixing NOR and NAND:
> NOR = the readonly memory with original uboot
> NAND = writable memory with your kernel+rootfs+bootloader
> I think you should first enter NOR boot: hold AUX then press POWER.
> You will see uboot menu.
> Now plug USB cable and flash to NAND kernel+rootfs+bootloader:
> dfu-util -a kernel -R -D uImage-v35.bin
> dfu-util -a rootfs -R -D qtmoko-debian-v35.ubi
> dfu-util -a u-boot -R -D qi-v35.udfu
> Power off the phone and remove your SD card. Now just shortly press
> POWER. The phone will blink with LED and vibrate (this is done by qi
> bootloader) and should start booting.
> > I can boot an old Om2008 I've got here
> > but after that I lost touchscreen input again
> > Original QT was working last night - but I don't have a copy of that
> > kernel and image any more.
> I think you can forget about booting old kernels and using NOR
> bootloader. They are bugged.
> > NOR boot can only boot off SD card if FAT + ext2
> > and so it can't read the debian on ext3 that I made.
> Qi bootloader can boot from SD card with ext3 partition. You just
> need to unpack the qtmoko release tarball on SD card.
> > What options do I have to get qtmoko working?
> You can have qtmoko on SD card or on NAND. For bootloader you must
> use NAND bootloader which is activated *just with POWER button*. You
> can use qi (recommended) or some uboot from gena2x - you have to
> search a bit for it.
> Good luck
> Radek

Sadly, I don't have Power and Aux buttons confused.
I don't have access to NAND from the Power button.
Both boot methods start the NOR bootloader.
 I have loaded those three files into those places and the phone
 doesn't boot, it says there is a checksum error. I checked the md5sum
 with sourceforge, and it matches.
I've got a SD card with the tarball unpacked onto it, and the phone
won't boot that - because I have no Qi bootloader that I can access
from the Power key.
Last installed was the uboot from gena2x with a default config file,
but still this does not work.

I need some other ideas, please.

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