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sorry but I can stand it - first of all: I am glad you are not top
posting, but please, trim your citations. There is no need to send all
discussion again.

> same result on the terminal : the dfu-utils says the bootloader is
> installed the freerunner says the bootloader installed but it doesn't
> actuallyresult in a NAND that I can access
Radek asked you to paste output from terminal, not to describe what you
see on it. He did it for one important reason. It might happen that you
miss some information that might be vital for solving your problem.
> I have two freerunners on my desk,
That situation is comfortable for debugging. If you do not fear of
breaking another FR, you can repeat exactly the same procedure with
working FR and check if it is valid, and allows you to flash FR and make
it work.

>  one has v35 on it from those downloads and exact same commands.
If that is true, this would mean that definitely something is wrong with
the device, not the flashing procedure itself. Are you sure that both FR
are the same revision (A4,A5,A6, buzz-fixed or not)?

> Does anyone have any ideas about a failed NAND
That is what I was about to ask. How many time did you (and all previous
users) flashed internal NAND? AFAIR it doesn't have many write cycles
guaranteed by producent, however [1] says different.


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