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> Hi Joakim
> Your client/server ideas made for an interseting post
> I wondered what software you had in mind for this:-
>> *** mapping/location data
>> open streetmap maps. 
>> A gpsd on the client feeds the cluster with location data.
> Could you give a little more detail please

The basic idea is that the the handheld device is a part of a cluster.
So, apart from the normal mapping applications one uses, such as Navit
or Tangogps, the cluster knows where you are and can help you with
things. not only he gps is used, but also other hints like wifi and gsm

This is of course the same as what google and apple provides but with a
different emphasis. Its your private cluster, your private information.

Here are some concrete examples what to do with this information:

- The cluster knows where you are and lets you print on the physical
  printer most nearby.

- your todo system(emacs org in my case) knows where you are and can
  remind you of things when you get off your commuter train or whatever.

- openstreetmap info is cached locally as much as you need

Anyway this particular field is imho not well covered by free software
today. I havent been able to find a daemon that emits an event when I'm
close to a particular location for instance. (as opposed to emitting the
gps coordinates, which doesnt carry semantic information)


> Best wishes

Joakim Verona

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