ideas for a personal cluster with gta04

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> > Hi Joakim
> > 
> > Your client/server ideas made for an interseting post
> > 
> > I wondered what software you had in mind for this:-
> > 
> >> *** mapping/location data
> >> open streetmap maps.
> >> A gpsd on the client feeds the cluster with location data.
> > 
> > Could you give a little more detail please
> - your todo system(emacs org in my case) knows where you are and can
>   remind you of things when you get off your commuter train or whatever.
Add to that: real time updating of shared todo lists - I add an item to our 
shopping list while my wife is on her way home, and she gets a notifier of it 
when in the vicinity of a supermarket (or on the todo of my neighbour or 
parents, whoever happens to get near a supermarket selling the particular 
product - maybe I'll be there first)

In case of supermarkets there's not so much to win, but some other products at 
greater distances with friends happening to travel by it's even more useful.

Anyway, I have to get my programming skills on par first...

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