upgrade my freerunner

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Fri Jun 8 10:23:29 CEST 2012

Jason Cawood <openmoko at jasoncawood.com> writes:

> Is gta04.org working for you guys?  When I try to go there I get a 504
> error. 

Hmm, yes, for me too.  Similarly for
projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/ and

Normally those are all fine, so I guess Golden Delicious must be having
a spot of technical trouble.  Hopefully it won't last long.

In the meantime, in answer to your question about upgrading: the deal
with GTA04 is that you can get a GTA04 PCB that you swap with the
existing (GTA02) PCB in your Freerunner.  The main advantages of the new
GTA04 PCB are a faster processor and 3G, but there's a lot more detail
to it than that, of course.


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