Phoenux, Phoneux, Phonux?

pike pike-openmoko at
Mon Jun 11 23:58:06 CEST 2012


> I think the group should be more concerned about the "ugs" part,

Absolutely, ugh. And the eee also sounds alarming to me.
I hear "eeek-yuck!" :-)

I feel sort of idiot trying to emphasize how important
I think this is. But I do. Here I go again.

It's the first impression. All the connotations that
bubble up with the name, define, in a split second,
just how much attention people are going to give it.
And all those split seconds together could
make the difference between a thriving userbase
or a bunch of hardcore hobbyists.

Both are great goals ofcourse. But if you want to
"change the world fundamentally", take the branding
seriously all the way. Learning from Apple ?


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