QtMoko v45

robin spielraum at web.de
Fri Jun 15 13:21:10 CEST 2012

hi radek and qtdevelopers!

thank you very much for this great release. I am at the moment trying to add a
German version. Now I have some questions regarding the keyboard:

a) is there any specific reason why the svg (qwerty) file is of the format:
   height: 330px and width: 300?
b) is every pixel then just scaled to have 640x480?
c) If I open the svg in inkscape no layers are shown, but if I click on a dark-
   grey rectangle. It says at the inkscape bottombar #key_XY_YZ Rectangle on 
   layer #key_XY_YZ. So what is the best way for me to edit the svg to add 
   another language layout (directly the xml file?)
d) some of the letters are not centered on the grey rectangle, eg the ´l´ is
   shifted somewhat to the left. I have almost finished correcting this. Should
   I send/upload these versions anywhere.
e) Is there any possibility to have the ¸show/hide keyboard` button in the top
   bar being moved to the bottom bar, so we can reduce the topbar size even   
   further -> For android on freerunner it is only 24px which is just about as 
   low as you can go if you still want to read something, but would be too small
   to press any button

Another question would be if it is generally possible to start in landscape mode?
The landscape qwerty works quite well already using the thumbs.

And last: Bluetooth is turned on as a standard. Can I edit a start-up script some
where to have it turned off?

best regards and many thanks again


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