QtMoko v45

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Fri Jun 15 19:02:16 CEST 2012

On Friday 15 June 2012 11:21:10 robin wrote:

> hi radek and qtdevelopers!
> thank you very much for this great release. I am at the moment trying to
> add a German version. Now I have some questions regarding the keyboard:
> a) is there any specific reason why the svg (qwerty) file is of the format:
>    height: 330px and width: 300?
> b) is every pixel then just scaled to have 640x480?

Svg is always scaled to display resolution.

> c) If I open the svg in inkscape no layers are shown, but if I click on a
> dark- grey rectangle. It says at the inkscape bottombar #key_XY_YZ
> Rectangle on layer #key_XY_YZ. So what is the best way for me to edit the
> svg to add another language layout (directly the xml file?)

I think i don't understand the question. You should be able to open the svg in 
inkscape and do all the work there (moving keys, changing the text or changing 
the unicode values).

> d) some of the letters are not centered on the grey rectangle, eg the ´l´
> is shifted somewhat to the left. I have almost finished correcting this.
> Should I send/upload these versions anywhere.

Yes please.

> e) Is there any possibility to have the ¸show/hide keyboard` button in the
> top bar being moved to the bottom bar, so we can reduce the topbar size
> even further -> For android on freerunner it is only 24px which is just
> about as low as you can go if you still want to read something, but would
> be too small to press any button

It should be possible. E.g. the predictive keyboard uses bottom bar. I wanted 
to implement it but i also didnt want to hold the release more. So i will try 
to do it for v46.

> Another question would be if it is generally possible to start in landscape
> mode? The landscape qwerty works quite well already using the thumbs.

I can implement key for screen rotation or maybe if the layout filename 
contains "landscape" it could rotate the screen.

> And last: Bluetooth is turned on as a standard. Can I edit a start-up
> script some where to have it turned off?

I think there is script in /opt/qtmoko/bin called bt-poweroff.sh which turns 
bluetooth off. Maybe adding it to /etc/rc.local or qpe.sh could do it.



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