Deseperately need some GTA02 debug board cable...

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at
Thu Jun 21 00:19:53 CEST 2012


my debug board cable again broke...

With the debug board I was able to send some patches upstream like:;a=commit;h=ad20ff920c1fd217578e2c637dd50c1878a21c06;a=commit;h=b2ccf065f7b23147ed135a41b01d05a332ca6b7e;a=commit;h=b26469a8b139fba11d9336c1c117fafccfa9c7d5;a=commit;h=1ae5cbc52e7c6619a3f44b87809fd25370df31bb

I was also able to produce updated
shr-3.x-nodrm branches ) for the gta02 but I didn't have enough time to
fix all the bugs yet so they are not in use yet...

The big problem is that It's way harder to track bugs without a debug
board cable: with a debug board you can git bisect in a way more
efficient way: you only need to apply a minimal set of patches on top of
the commit you're testing...since you have serial you can see the output
and interact with the phone...

So Instead of finding or buying one debug board each time my cable break
again I think it's way more efficient to get some cables-only.

Does someone gives or sell such cables separately?

Note(for the person selling/giving such cables) that the debug board
itself still can be used separately from an openmoko: it is possible to
use it as a BIOS flasher
( ),serial port
adapter or JTAG adapter...


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