QtMoko v45

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Jun 23 00:01:04 CEST 2012

On Friday 22 June 2012 16:41:55 robin wrote:

> hi radek,
> I see where I have gone wrong: utf8 instead of  unicode.
> what I do not quite understand about the keyboard is: if it works to set
> the qt::Key to 0, what is it needed for and if it is better to be used how
> would the svg id look for the ö which is;
> Qt::Key_Odiaeresis 0x0d6? eg key_0d6_f6 ???

You should remove the leading zero: key_d6_f6 is correct.

> Another question about the svg keyboard I have is the following:
> Why are the boxes of the uppermost row so much higher than the rest?

Because pressed key it'd displayed twice as large and shifted upperwards. If 
there was no space you would not see the large pressed key.

> and the last one, as I am already fond of your keyboard, but always liked
> the shr-predictive one: Is there any chance to have the predictive keyboard
> algorythm implemented in qtmoko that shr uses? As far as I understand you
> always have to type in all the letters of the word and it calculates the
> probability depending on where you hit the keyboard of what word you ment
> (words used more often get a higher probability). the only problem I see
> for such a keyboard is that you need some place to display possible
> solutions, which can then be selected, this might be the bottom taskbar
> though.

QtMoko already has predictive keyboard which works exactly as you write. So 
either we can make it installable as package or combine svg keyboard with it. 
I dont think i want to spend time on predictive+svg keyboard now. There are 
for me more important things...



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