Qtmoko svg keyboard langscape mode and keys to execute commands

robin spielraum at web.de
Mon Jun 25 17:06:19 CEST 2012


the keyboard is really really great and a lot of fun to play around, so thanks

Now having played a bit with the abc.svg and switching between vertical and
landscape mode I noticed that for landscape it is good to have four rows of
keys and more keys per row and for vertical mode five rows with less keys 
would be favourable. So it would be nice if the apps in qtmoko knew if in
which mode the screen is at the moment and would then choose the correct
keyboard layout, eg. have svgs with _horizontal or _vertical
as keyword in the filename.

Can one somehow adapt the keys to execute commands as well? eg turn the screen
to full brightness by switching the powermanagement off (toggle mode, so the
same key would switch the powermanagement on by hitting it again?).

We quickly talked about the predictive keyboard. I think if one could have it 
be customized via svg files that would help to get people like me involved
who have no background in programming qt applications. I remember though that
the qtmoko predictive keyboard always wanted a dwag file, and that I never 
succeeded in creating one for a german dictionary.

best regards to all active developers and thanks for your work


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