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Gilles Filippini pini at debian.org
Thu Mar 1 21:45:31 CET 2012

Πρεκατές Αλέξανδρος a écrit , Le 01/03/2012 00:54:
>> [cut]
>>> I run it without '-' but still the job stops with the same errors..
>> Maybe there is no such target (clean) defined in a Makefile?
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> there is.
> radekp-qtmoko-build$ less Makefile 
> clean:
>         @echo make: running qbuild clean
>         @/home/chomwitt/programming/QT4/radekp-qtmoko-build/sdk/bin/qbuild -
> from-make $(MAKE) clean

Command prefixed with "-" into a makefile are used for ignoring
potential error. It is of common use in clean targets.

From the command line, the same effect is achieved with the -i option.

In case this is actually the intention, either you change the makefile with:

	@echo make: running qbuild clean
	-@/home/chomwitt/programming/QT4/radekp-qtmoko-build/sdk \
		/bin/qbuild -from-make $(MAKE) clean

or you call the clean target with:

make -i clean.



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