How to bring forward the community?

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Fri Mar 2 17:29:00 CET 2012

>> what you think would bring forward the Openmoko community
> Hardware: One-man-show Nikolaus
> Software: One-man-show Radek
> I am praying each night, that both of you fasten your seatbelt daily.
> Instead a participating community we converted to simple consumers  
> waiting for news and order buttons. We dont need new features, but a new  
> spirit first hand. Poor pre-order numbers of GTA04 proove this.

Openmoko was a combination of several things:
- Open hardware.
- A phone running Free Software.
- A phone running standard GNU/Linux software (e.g. X-Windows).
IIUC there are many more people interested in the second than in
the first.


PS: There's a general expectation that open hardware will run Free software,
    but w.r.t open hardware's GPU that doesn't seem to be very often
    the case.

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