How to bring forward the community?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sat Mar 3 13:35:13 CET 2012

On 03/03/2012 11:09 AM, Lionel Broche wrote:
> well, I think you just have to look at the capabilities of IMAP5 to 
> see that the next generations of phone/tablet will have 3D support, 
> both for display and webcam (I think IMAP5 supports 2 webcam ports). 
> So IMHO the big manufacturers are now focusing on including 3D instead 
> of designing new concepts.
> About the choice of keyboard, from what I read on this thread I think 
> that one of the main issue is the feedback. Touch keyboard give you a 
> feedback via the feeling of the fingertips, so you don't need to focus 
> your attention to it. Maybe using an audible 'clic' would be an 
> alternative for touch screen keypads? or using an electric discharge 
> to trigger the user's nerves :) (though this may lower the battery 
> life...)
I guess all improvements on the soft keyboard are nice but keeping the 
screen free with a solidly attached keyboard like the N900 is 
incomparably much better. Put yourself in a queue for 3 hours while 
using email and browser under stress.

Would the GTA04 fit in the case of a N900 and would it be unrealistic to 
buy the case from Nokia?

Anyway, although the keyboard is an interesting discussion, I still 
think the main hurdle to increase de community and its involvement is 
the current price and the lack of a complete phone solution. Also, as 
pointed out by others, missing an SMS, as it happened to me with qtmoko 
(3.4?) is a major show-stopper.

I think the current approach of marketing the hardware flexibility is a 
good one, albeit with a smalle market. I guess it could actually be more 
useful for industry than individuals, but the concept of designing a 
mobile to fit the specific needs of a company might be too unheard off, 
needing a bigger/smarter marketing effort.


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