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Brian bneil at rochester.rr.com
Mon Mar 5 01:38:34 CET 2012

I'm not even going to bother with the good netiquette of not top-posting
on this one so sorry if that offends you all.


Whether you realize it or not you're giving open culture and this
community specifically a 'black eye' by posting such inflammatory
rhetoric. I, and probably most others on the list appreciate the hard
work that went into the Neo 1973, Neo FreeRunner, and the latest
iteration from Golden Delicious, the GTA04. I think you do as well, but
you have a funny way of showing it.

In a perfect world we would already have open standards that would
allow for the devices we envision. We don't live in a perfect world.
There are rules that need to be followed if we hope to change the
devices we're growing ever more accustomed to, and you're not helping
the process.

In point of fact public posts like yours will be used as ammunition
against what most of us on the list are working towards. I share your
sense of frustration in regards to hardware specs not being more open
but I won't resort to threats like you do. Instead I'll keep trying to
educate people about the dangers involved in walled gardens and closed
systems. At least that's a positive endeavour to engage in and it's
likely to eventually take hold once we have saner patent laws.

I think it's shameful for the open culture community on the whole to
have it's reputation sullied by your threatening comments. I can't tell
if you're a troll, an agent provocateur, or just a misguided soul who
really does mean what he says. In any case welcome to my 'plonk' file
pal as this will be the only response you'll ever get from me.


On Sun, 4 Mar 2012 23:07:32 GMT
msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG (Michael Sokolov) wrote:

> "Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli" <GNUtoo at no-log.org> wrote:
> > That points nowhere.  
> For you maybe, but not for me.
> > I think you should instead try to go the legal way,   
> I disagree.  Man-made law of every kind is my arch-enemy, and the
> purpose of my life is to break those laws.  Without law-breaking life
> becomes devoid of meaning.
> > so you can't be attacked in court,  
> That is irrelevant to me: I can never be "attacked in court" because
> > because it's way too easy to attack you if you do something
> > illegal.  
> No, it isn't easy.
> > Theses companies have a lot of lawyers and spend a lot on it.  
> So what are they going to do?  Send me threats?  How?  By email?  I'll
> laugh at them, then hit delete.  By postal mail to my PO box?  There's
> a paper recycle bin conveniently located right next to it.  Look up
> one of the addresses I've used for receiving shipments, addresses that
> look like real physical ones?  Well, they only *look* like real
> physical addresses - in reality they are mailbox services.
> So GOOD LUCK on trying to force me to show up in court...
> > The way to go is to improve nuttx port on calypso phones.
> > it's not that complicated.  
> It may not be that complicated, but it is morally wrong.  It is
> morally wrong to help or support someone who is guilty of hoarding the
> good code and denying it to the public.
> Harald Welte is the leader of the entire Osmocom family of projects.
> He is a former employee of Om-Inc and I have every reason to suspect
> that he is hoarding a personal copy of the good code, although he'll
> obviously never admit to it.  That makes Osmocom morally tainted,
> i.e., it is morally wrong to contribute in any way to any of the
> projects under that umbrella, particularly OsmocomBB.
> Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with merely *using* what
> those projects have already produced: Leninist philosophy states that
> any and all means are acceptable, so we can use whatever tool or
> resource does the job.  But it *is* wrong to help them with
> contributions.  Therefore, if I ever feel like making enhancements to
> the OsmocomBB code base, I'll be sure to make them non-GPL-compatible
> so that my work benefits only the illegal community and not the legal
> one.
> > so please instead of attacking the openmoko people which points
> > nowhere( they won't give you the source, they could have given it
> > to you already if they wished but they didn't. so I guess they
> > don't want to and will never give you theses sources),  
> I can still kidnap one of them and do the thermorectal procedure.  And
> the prospect of going to prison for kidnapping/assault/battery/
> whatever they call it doesn't scare me one bit - I am very confident
> of my ability to upload the seized code to some warez site *before*
> the cops arrive and get me.  Then I could spend the rest of my life in
> prison or perhaps die in a gunfire exchange with the police while
> resisting arrest, but the deed will be done: the code will be FREE -
> once it hits a public warez site, it'll get copied by all the other
> warez sites and the copyright/NDA police will never be able to take
> all of those copies down.
> > do something productive and join us in making osmocom-bb 
> > usable(by improving the nuttx port on calypso and then porting
> > osmocom-bb on top of it).
> >
> > so instead of waisting time on useless things, please join us.  
> NO, NEVER.  If I have NO other option, I would rather take a gun,
> shoot one of those bastards who are denying me the good code, then
> shoot myself before the cops arrive.  I will be dead, but my tormentor
> will be dead too, so that makes it a fair exchange, a life for a life.
> MS

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