[Om2008.9] screen locking application?

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Another approach would be to use a software like prey :
http://preyproject.com/ [3] . There's a debian package :
http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/prey [4] 

It would only be relevant
if you have a permanent Internet connection. 

It periodically checks on
a server if your machine has been reported as lost/stolen. If so, it can
run several types of actions on the machine, including : 

- trying to
geolocate it (based on the wifi networks it can reach) : might work on

- delete emails, stored passwords etc : might work if you
modify the scripts to delete the files/directories you want 

- and many
other features that probably won't work out-of-the-box on QtMoko (take a
screenshot, lock the device, take a photo with a webcam etc) 

It sends
these info to the server, or by email. 

I use it successfully on my
netbook, with a private server. Maybe it would be worth trying it on

It does not encrypt anything, but can at least delete
sensitive information, and give you hints to find the phone. 

NB : note
that there seems to be some criticisms on the security of prey :
http://www.shrp.me/docs/dont_use_prey.php [5] 


On Mon, 05 Mar
2012 11:02:16 +0000, Al Johnson wrote: 

> On Monday 05 March 2012
11:37:12 Hrabosh wrote:
>> BTW .. would it be possible to run TrueCrypt
on FreeRunner?
> It looks possible in theory. There are reports of it
running on other arm platforms. Debian apparently don't package it for
licensing reasons, but do have instructions for building and installing
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