what to with 02 when upgrading to 04? was: Re: How to bring forward the community?

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at no-log.org
Mon Mar 5 17:54:14 CET 2012

>It may not be that complicated, but it is morally wrong.  It is
>morally wrong to help or support someone who is guilty of hoarding the
>good code and denying it to the public.
so proprietary software(calypso source code is not free software) is morally 
good and free software(osmocombb and nuttx/nuttx-bb is free software) is 
morally wrong?

And note that even if they had part of the source, and that's not enough.
you want full source code and usually companies modifying the firmware 
basebands like openmoko don't have access to that.
but osmocom-bb is maybe inefficent righ now(I'm working on fixing that )
but at least you have full source code of layer 1, layer 2, layer 3!!!!
you can do calls, sms etc...with it.
you have even forks to detect if there are spying equipement connected to the 
network etc...
you can get a real estimation of the RSSI and findout if the levels are too low 
and calling is dangerous...

if you don't like contributing to osmocom-bb maybe you could contribute to fso 
and make it use osmocom-bb telnet interface for layer23?

And about Harald Welte, you forget that he spent a lot of time studying GSM 
protocols, standards, writing the osmocom-bb code and he released that under a 
free software license with full source code, isn't that great?
but you seem to prefer proprietary source code.

Also, note that the non-free source code may be big, who would review it for 
backdoors? how would you compile it without non-free software? nobody would 
contribute to it etc...

The only usefullness of proprietary source code is as a documentation to 
produce free source code.


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