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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Mon Mar 5 23:02:03 CET 2012

Am 05.03.2012 um 22:06 schrieb arne anka:

> my idea of a donation was in the first place to get us nearer, my god to thee .. ehm .. nearer the 350 units required.
> ie in the first place to help people who can't afford the full price, since it would mean the most value for every euro donated.
> if that proves not feasible, the second best solution would to pay for units not (yet) sold -- and maybe give those away to developers.
> reducing the group tour price is not an option for me -- and certainly not without all 350 units being sold. and even then i'd donate to fund project infrastructure
> as proposed, the least effort would be applications for such donations would be brought forth on these lists -- then we could decide, who recieves a donation and how to proceed to make sure, it really is used to order a GTA04.

Essentially this calls for a page/list where people seeking a GTA04 but who can't afford it themselves write down their project ideas and those who want to donate can contact them. If they agree they can subscribe for a unit.

I have prepared a Wiki page:

So please start to fill it in and use it.


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