latest FSO from debian/sid not working

arne anka openmoko at
Mon Mar 19 21:01:43 CET 2012

> Can you describe the problem?

- no apparent reaction to key presses -- no action (suspend or so), no  
line in logs (everything set to DEBUG)
- no led action
- persist/ folder missing (frameworkd complaining about it and throwing an  
- files in /sys/ missing (i'd expect the fso in debian to work with the  
kernel there -- or is it just the usual discrepancy one encounters in sid  
now and then?)

i updated to from SHR, and at least the files in /sys/ are back  
-- but nothing else changed.
i got rid of LXDE (tested it years ago and never was happy with it) and  
installed e17 -- but even without any X, FSO should do something when  
pressing buttons at least.

do i need any more modules loaded? i rather foolishly purged my old debian  
installation without saving configurations and stuff, before i tried the

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