Very fast power drain, hot device

Matthias Apitz guru at
Fri Mar 23 13:06:34 CET 2012

El día Friday, March 23, 2012 a las 01:00:06PM +0100, Rashid escribió:

> The power of the freerunner is fast empty and the device is getting
> hotter than usual. Any idea why and what can I do to fix it?
> Have had the same distribution (QT Moko 35) for a long time (around 1
> year) and changed nothing.
> Maybe the batterie? Maybe something inside the phone? Software or
> hardware?

I have had in the past with Om2008.9 the same problem (power drain and
hot device). In my case it was a run away proc. Check with top(1) the
CPU utilization.


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