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Hi there,

The host often goes down for long periods and it's
becoming a problem, not to mention annoying.  I've been labouring under
the impression that the domain was taken over by the
community.  However, having done some dns and whois queries, it appears
that the domain and all of the servers within it are still under the
control of FIC.  In particular, these hosts:      

According to the WHOIS database, the IP ranges that cover theses hosts
are all assigned to FIC and each have their admin and technical contact
recorded as Sean Moss-Pultz.

This situation strikes me as very precarious.  FIC has essentially
abandoned the openmoko phone hardware/software project.  Some of the
hosts are unreliable.  Meanwhile, they store three things of great

1. Vital technical information about the GTA01 and GTA02 phones.
2. Sources for working openmoko software, including kernel trees.
3. A complete history for essentially the whole endeavour, in the form
   of mailing list archives (including this list).

I think this information should be moved away from FIC-hosted servers.
It should be firstly archived and secondly more reliable access needs to
be provided for the git and svn servers.

I wonder, Sean, whether you are able to provide the raw data stored on
these hosts so that the services might be replicated or moved elsewhere?
And even whether the domain could be relinquished to the

There are a number of organisations that spring to mind as able to offer
hosting for this kind of effort: the Open Source Lab at Oregon State
University¹, The Linux Foundation², The Internet Archive³, ibiblio⁴
(what used to be UNC's SunSITE), etc.

I'm curious to know what others in the community think about this?




Bob Ham <rah at>

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