GTA02, FSO in debian/sid: buttons do not work, led neither

arne anka openmoko at
Sun Mar 25 20:26:23 CEST 2012


a) both in my own installation with and timo's (j.) minimal  
installation the power button has no effect -- no suspend or even  
gracefull shutdown is initiated.
although the button press ist recognized in dmesg, no fso*log nor  
frameworkd.log shows anything (everything set to DEBUG).

in the configurations nothing about buttons is really to be found (except  
that stanza in frameworkd.conf or fsodevicd or so, don't have the device  
active right no since suspend does not work) and the options are as arcane  
and undocumented as ever ...

b) LEDs, despite being configured in rules.yaml, do not work. there's an  
occasional flashing but nothing of the expected (and configured) behaviour.

i am absolutely sure, it is not a hardware issue, but has to do with FSO.

does anybody else see those issues?

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