About infra maintenance [was: "Re: openmoko.org servers"]

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Sun Mar 25 22:08:34 CEST 2012

> Could you possibly provide email addresses for roh and
>whoever else is responsible for the openmoko.org servers so that
>everyone knows who to contact?

According to Roh the standard way to report any problems with openmoko 
infrastructure is via 


Alas this obviously won't work when it's exactly the machine running this trac 
that is down. So on freenode IRC you /join #openmoko-cdevel and proceed as 
suggested, and if you manage to ping me, you'll receive an answer.

I think these are two feasible ways to deal with issues regarding infra, and 
one of them will work. No need to invent your own procedure, even though you 
might think it's more effective, there are reasons it probably isn't.

Thanks for taking notice.

Best Regards

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