debian + phoneui-apps

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Mon Mar 26 20:49:25 CEST 2012

2012/3/26 Brendon Schumacker <brendon.schu at>:
> I have phoneui-apps install, and I have both XFCE4 and e17 installed
> and working fine, but they can't open Dialer, Contacts, etc.  When I
> try phoneui-dialer at the cli I get:
> Error: No such interface `org.shr.phoneui.Dialer' on object at path
> /org/shr/phoneui/Dialer
> Which makes sense because debian is not SHR, I suppose, but
> phoneui-apps is in the debian repositories so I'm assuming there must
> be a way to config it?

SHR is both a distribution and name for a couple of applications. The
SHR applications have been packaged to Debian, and also updated a
couple of times.

I've the same problem as you, since I wanted to experiment with the
FSO2 + SHR on top of Debian, now that they've been packaged for some
time and updated a couple of times. I haven't yet gotten any answers
either unfortunately, but I've understood the phoneui-apps are working
at least for the Debian maintainers who packaged them, and probably
some else as well. It's probably about us not understanding about how
the apps are supposed to work, and the fact that they haven't yet been
configured in Debian to work out-of-the-box apparently.

I did find a fix to the specific problem you're mentioning, though.
You need to have phoneuid running, and in its current Debian form it's
not configured to be automatically run as as service. Therefore I
added /usr/share/phoneuid/ to the /root/.xsession.
However, after that I get an Enlightenment complaint about not being
able to create a new window for each of the same apps that complained
about the D-Bus interface earlier.

I'd be happy to hear usage information from this point forward :) It'd
be nice to upgrade from FSO1 + Zhone combo eventually.

> I will be incredibly happy if I can be running debian on my openmoko!
> Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Let's hope you (also) can get up and running with the phoneui-apps
included soon!


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