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Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Sun May 6 22:53:15 CEST 2012


There was considerable tension in the community lately regarding the
Openmoko community resources, namely docs.openmoko.org ,
wiki.openwoko.org , svn.openmoko.org , people.openmoko.org .

The problem is that not only the servers were unstable and apparently
required a kick every now and then but also that there's no clearly
visible contact person and the whole situation regarding the resources
is causing honest concern and inconvenience in community.

Right at the moment svn.openmoko.org and docs.openmoko.org are still
inaccessible (since weeks) and nobody really knows how to proceed.

For the community to be able to deduce a way to manage this situation
i would like to ask everybody involved to clarify these questions:

1. Who owns the servers and who pays which bills? How to get a proxy
or transfer the responsibility for the openmoko.org domain and
infrastructure to other person in case the original owner becomes
unavailable? Whom can you propose to take this role?

2. Who actually has admin credentials, is supposed to care about
things like server outages, and what is the suggested procedure to
contact that person? Is there a proxy for this position? How to
transfer the credentials to another person in case the original
maintainer becomes unavailable?

3. What is the practical and reliable way to do administrative tasks
like e.g. obtaining the dump of the wiki and docs.openmoko.org
bugtracker database?

4. What suggestions do you have to improve the status quo?

Thanks in advance for your replies and commitment.

Paul Fertser
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