[QtMoko] QX touchscreen input do not work

francesco.devita at mailoo.org francesco.devita at mailoo.org
Sun Sep 16 01:02:23 CEST 2012

About the "rotate screen" option in QX, is it using xrandr to make the 
rotation? If so, one must installs x11-xserver-utils to get xrandr.
Maybe this package can be installed automatically by the same script 
which installs xorg/xglamo in QX.

> You can try e.g:
> 	export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon
> 	apt-get install scummvm
> 	scummvm
I get the message "SDL: unable to load mouse", after a research I see 
that I can use

     export SDL_NOMOUSE=1

to get rid of the message above but, obviously, I lose the the 
touchscreen inputs... how did you solve this issue?


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