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David Matthews mail at dmatthews.org
Tue Sep 18 09:32:07 CEST 2012

>For me, on GTA04, email is working almost perfectly; I'm also using

maybe this is just a problem on GTA02? anyone else confirm?

>For sending, can you ping your SMTP server from the Freerunner?

>For "Get all mail", note that this is visible only on the Email page,
>not on the parent page for all messages (including SMS), or on the more
>specific pages for each email account.
>When I did a "Get all mail", with several thousand messages to download,
>it did take around a minute (I think) before the application even
>started showing a progress bar; and it took a few hours to complete that
>initial download.  On the Freerunner, with 2G instead of 3G, I imagine
>those operations would probably take even longer.

well I will look at this again, but this is never something I struggled with
on v2x and v3x - the option to fetch mail was always where I'd expect. This
time when I did see it, it was rather a surprise as I'd been struggling to
make sense of this for 30mins. After that one time when I fetched the mail, I
never saw the option to do it again.

>If you're sure you have IP-level connectivity to your IMAP and SMTP
>servers, and still things aren't working, perhaps you could use tcpdump
>to capture the IMAP and SMTP exchanges, then look at that on another
>computer with Wireshark?

there is definitely connectivity that I checked. As I said - the account creation to me is rather tedious, so I just create the account with any old settings and then move the known good qtopiamail.conf into place. I did this with several upgrades before without problem. This time I also tried an alternative smtp server - same error message.  I also confirmed I was using the mail settings I thought I was by "editing" after the file had been swapped in and checking what was there.

In summary - although I doubt it, one issue maybe my pebkac, the other is
surely a real problem.

David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org

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