QtMoko v48

robin spielraum at web.de
Tue Sep 18 12:33:46 CEST 2012

thanks as always for the work!

I have one issue with the new alarm turning into vibrate only after 60 secs:

If I put an alarm and turn the phone completely oft (GTA02 SD-card version)
the phone starts nicely to boot at the right time, but now the boot time is
about 75 secs, so once everything has been initiated the phone starts to 
vibrate for the alarm but there is now place to turn the alarm off.

in my opinion the alarm should only start once the interface to press snooze 
or cancel the alarm is present, and maybe we give it even two seconds of 
silence before it starts (eg you sit somewhere where everyone else is quite,
you see the alarm go off but it doesn't ring yet and you can still press 
cancel before the alarm goes off properly). a very very advanced version of
the alarm could have a box to type in the delay seconds for booting until the
alarm is actually present which would be taken into account so that the alarm
would actually ring at the right time and not one to two minutes later.


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