yberbrowser controls

robin spielraum at web.de
Tue Sep 18 14:54:54 CEST 2012


i quite like the new yberbrowser but I still think I haven't figured out
all the controls. What I figuered so far is:

* tap on the screen zooms in 
* double tap zooms fully out
* sliding up and down pans the page
* to go back on page one has to slide the page to make the top bar visible
  and then one can use the green arrow on the right to go back
* bookmarks are reached by swiping left on the home/startup screen
* tabs are reached by swiping right on the home/startup screen
* bookmarks can be erased by first a long press on the bookmark screen and 
  then clicking the red cross on the right

what I haven't figured out is:
* how do I get to the bookmarks if I am not on the homescreen
* how do I open/close a new tab when I am not on the homescreen

* could flash/html5 be implemented for youtube? or is there an alternative to
  view youtube

on the wishlist would be (like xscope for android)
* one finger pin zoom like xscope:
* adjusting the linebreaks after zooming in/out to fit the paragraph to the 
  new viewsize (characters per line).

best regards


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