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>I found a single area with (what appears to me to be) regressions - email
>I have a copy of a known good qtopiamail.conf which I just put into place >after a slapdash account creation. I can retrieve the folder list, but the >"Fetch all mail" option only sporadically appears so the imap inbox is not >really usable. I never managed to send mail, getting socket errors every time.

I've just spent another couple of hours checking over this

1. it's actually "Get all mail" and you should see that if you highlight your email inbox. After fetching mail once it reliably disappears from the menu. I found two ways to bring it back - a reboot and weirdly, a sms message arriving! (new email arriving makes no difference)

2. Socket error on trying to send mail - I was pretty certain this was failing too quickly to actually be going out and trying to authenticate. I have generally used the fastmail.fm smtp server on the phone - not sure why, although possibly because it used to just work without too much fiddling.

So I sacrificed the previously known good config in the copied qtopiamail.conf file that served me through several versions of qtmoko and entered details of my own mail server. I can then look at it's logs for information about a failed smtp connection - as I suspected, there is nothing there.

In summary I'm pretty sure these are real problems on the neo that did not exist, in for instance versions 26 and 35. That's a pity as in much else there have been very noticeable improvements.

David Matthews 
mail at dmatthews.org

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