QtMoko v48 neofreerunner

David Matthews mail at dmatthews.org
Wed Sep 19 09:55:11 CEST 2012

Hi Neil

>For the mail sending problem, what exactly are the diagnostics?
>For example, what is it that makes you write "Socket error" above?
That's part of the error the neo reports when I try to send mail.

I've had a further thought though - that I'm running the original flawed
version of v48 with the updated qtmoko Radek produced installed over the top.
I guess most people just grabbed the fixed image and reflashed - maybe
there's a difference and that's why no one else has reported or confirmed

I'll reflash with the updated image tonight and see if that makes this go
away - if not I'll supply the exact error message.


David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org

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