QtMoko annoyance

Minus 0 minus0 at peterogping.dk
Thu Sep 20 23:35:27 CEST 2012

I wonder if it is at all possible to prevent the screen from unlocking on
an incoming call? As I happen to keep my phone in my pocket, the automatic
unlocking leads to the call being answered or rejected before I even have
a chance to take the phone out of the pocket. Most of the time I use a
silent profile, and if I walk around, I won't notice the call at all.
But it will wake the phone up and unlock the screen, so random touches of
the screen will make it do whatever it likes, like calling someone, e.g.
an ambulance, delete all my contacts, or break my highscore in snake game,
and of course drain the battery.
An incoming message will wake it up, but not unlock the screen, which I
think is a much more reasonable behaviour. Considering that SHR does it
right, QtMoko should also be able to, I think.


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