GTA02 Setting time from phone network using NITZ ?

Neil Jerram neil at
Sat Sep 22 10:56:49 CEST 2012

Adam Ward <caysho at> writes:

> I have a GTA02 which I acquired a few years back and until now I have not 
> really done anything with it.  Now I want to use it as my main phone.
> The automatic setting of the date/time from the providors network (in this 
> case it is Optus) does not work in qtmoko.  The provider does support this as 
> I have a another phone that gets this information.
> I see there is an old bug from the Nokia days:
> BUG 231983
> According to 
> I should be able to chat to the modem to get some information.

Time and time zone are two different things.  In my (patchy and
non-scientific) experience, mobile networks often do tell you the time
zone, but not the time.

Do you know that NeronGPS can sync both time and time zone for you? -
obviously, subject to having a GPS fix.

> But the following command does not return anything:
> root at neo:~# chat -vse '' 'AT+CTZU=?' '' '' > /dev/ttySAC0 < /dev/ttySAC0
> send (AT+CTZU=?^M)
> send (^M)
> syslog shows:
> Jan  1 08:13:45 neo chat[1109]: send (AT+CTZU=?^M)
> Jan  1 08:13:46 neo chat[1109]: send (^M)
> Is there a way to automatically log the AT chat commands ?
> Do I have the correct /dev/tty ?
> More generally, is this a problem with the calypso firmware, or qt extended / 
> qtmoko or something else ?

I'm afraid I don't know about those points.


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