GTA02 Setting time from phone network using NITZ ?

Neil Jerram neil at
Sat Sep 22 22:55:43 CEST 2012

Adam Ward <caysho at> writes:

>> Time and time zone are two different things.  In my (patchy and
>> non-scientific) experience, mobile networks often do tell you the time
>> zone, but not the time.
> I know that Telstra in Australia sends both.  My current phone would get the 
> correct details after traveling between timezones when I was on that network.
> I will find out in a few weeks if Optus does the same.

FWIW, from a quick look at
devices/neo/src/plugins/phonevendors/neo/vendor_neo.cpp, I see that the
suspend code includes

    // Turn off timezone notifications.

and the resume ("wake") code includes

     // Turn on timezone notifications again.
    chat( "AT+CTZR=1" );
    chat( "AT%CTZU=1" );

and that the code for a CTZU response appears to handle both date/time
and timezone:

void NeoModemService::ctzu( const QString& msg )
    // Timezone information from the network.  Format is "yy/mm/dd,hh:mm:ss+/-tz".

So maybe I was wrong about time and timezone being separate.

Also note that

(1) there could still be missing bits of support higher up, for actually
    doing anything useful with this information

(2) I wonder if it's also necessary to do the "Turn on" actions when the
    phone first boots up?


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