Devroom request: World of OpenPhoenux

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Mon Sep 24 20:24:13 CEST 2012

Hi all (sorry for cross-posting so heavily - please try to answer to *one* list only),

this is a draft for a request for a FOSDEM (2nd&3rd Feb 2013) devroom.
The deadline for submission is 1st Oct.

If you have ideas how to increase the likelyhood that we get such a devroom,
please make your suggestions early enough before the deadline.



* Devroom name: World of OpenPhoenux

* Description

OpenPhoenux is a new roof project to cover all previous and future developments
initiated by Openmoko to develop really free and open mobile systems spanning from
GUI and applications over middleware down to hardware. Therefore it intends to give a
home and space for exchange between developers of the following projects:

* Openmoko
* SHR - Software stack
* QtMoko - Software stack
* FSF PowerVR reverse engineering initiative
* FSF Replicant - completely free Android compatible software stack
* FSO - middleware
* GTA04 - FLOSS friendly hardware platform
... more to come

* Project URLs:

* Preferred day: Sunday morning (3-4h appears to be sufficient); small room appears to suffice

* Why should FOSDEM accept this proposal?
because this set of projects needs a common room to meet and discuss and these
topics should not be fragmented amongst several sessions like mobile, embedded,
graphics, .... but should be focussed. FOSDEM appears the only world-wide event
where developers of all of these projects have a chance to meet in a single place.

* Contact:
Nikolaus Schaller, hns at

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