Problems using recent Rogers Wireless (Canada) SIMs in GTA02

Pascal Gosselin pascal at
Sat Sep 29 20:31:59 CEST 2012

I have an update.  I picked up yesterday a pre-paid FIDO SIM Card 
(Microcell/FIDO was the first GSM provider in Canada and was 
subsequently acquired by Rogers Wireless).  The FIDO SIM card was able 
to see FIDO was a carrier under Android 2.2 and do Voice + SMS, but 
getting GPRS working turned out to be elusive (i.e. many wasted hours).

We installed SHR instead and... presto the GPRS  worked effortlessly 
with GPRS settings:  server:  username: fido password: 
fido .  Android was apparently too dumb to deal with this this simple 

It remains quite a mystery as to why Roger's current "3G" SIM isn't 
working in the GTA02. We're going to stockpile some current FIDO 3G/4G 
SIMs at $10 each, cheap insurance versus being stuck in the future with 
devices that can't do GPRS.  We have *not* tested any FIDO LTE SIMs yet 
for compatibility.


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