Wish list WAS:Re: SIM not ready(solved/closed)

adrien adrien at adorsaz.ch
Tue Apr 2 21:34:38 CEST 2013

Hi all,

Le 29.03.2013 23:29, Liz a écrit :
> On Fri, 29 Mar 2013 14:34:13 +0100
> Sebastian Reinhardt <snr at lmv-hartmannsdorf.de> wrote:
>> >> So only one dream is left:
>> >> [...]
>> >> - contact/ task/ calender- sync. with Thunderbird/Lightning under
>> >> Linux
>> > If you have a Google account you can install ics2openmoko to
>> > synchronize Google Calendar and Google Task with your Openmoko 
>> with
>> > Qtmoko installed.
>> >
>> > Matteo
>> >
>> >
>> I know this sync capability. But there is no need to give Google
>> these data, too! They know too much, already!
> I'm using ownCloud, but not with openmoko.
> That's just because I haven't actually trialled it yet.

This application is "named" (that's not really a name...), because it 
takes ics files and push them into qtmoko database.
So, it should work with every calendar servers which provides ICS files 
to read calendars (personally, I use it with my DaviCal server).

I want to stress too, that this application doesn't sync your 
calendars, but just take them from the net and display them in QtMoko 
calendar. I'm not working with syncing tool, because
I don't really need it and because there's already a "Sync with google 
calendar" option in the QtMoko calendar code (I didn't have time to read 
this part of code to see if it depends on google API or on Ical RFC).

I'm working on a GUI to save configurations and to call the script 
easier. I've some code right now, it works but it's really experimental 
: I don't use correctly QProcess to call perl scripts and so it doesn't 
work with actual ics2qtcal version, but I was able to use it once :) You 
can see work in progress here : https://github.com/Trim/getcal

(as you can see I'm learning C++ and Qt with this application, and so 
the code isn't really well developed)


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