Take a look at these stupid people...

Sebastian Reinhardt snr at lmv-hartmannsdorf.de
Wed Apr 3 13:01:54 CEST 2013

I think You misunderstood this a little bit! The stupid are the 
journalists, whose are not doing their job! If the TV say "This is the 
first project to create an fair phone", I think this is not correct! But 
the most people believe in such statements. This is not "fair" for 
existing projects!
Ok, the "fair phone guys" should not start an new project, because if 
everyone starts an new "extreme small" project no one has a chance to 
survive (also cause of lack of money and resources/ developer). So these 
project have to become connected, to reach more customers, to survive 
and to force the bigger manufacturers to become more "fair" and "green".
But "fair", I my point of view, is not only to be fair against the 
workers in mines and factories, it should also be fair to the customers! 
Especially the support life cycle is not fair for customers and nature. 
In an earlier TV broadcast (I think it was on "ARD"), they blamed about 
the 2 year software/ update support of cheaper smart-phones. If You have 
to buy an new smart-phone every two years to get new software, I think 
this is not fair, too. And this is not good for nature......to throw 
away an working phone.....


Sebastian Reinhardt

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