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Wed Apr 24 19:33:46 CEST 2013

Hi guys

I never heard of GSM Firmware update until this days that I'm experiencing
some issues of not being able to make a call with qtmoko.

In my search I found this page [1] and want to upgrade because the version
of my GSM Firmware was Moko8. I follow the instructions and when I tried to
boot from the MicroSD I was getting a message like 'could not find kernel
image!'. I tried about four times to reformat the card and flashing the
image and it doesn't work

Finally, I copy the uImage.bin from the FAT partition (created by flashing
image posted in the wiki) to the /bin folder of the ext2 partition. Next
reboot it works and now I have Moko11 on my GSM Firmware

I just want to share this if it's useful for anyone, also I want to know if
there's a Wiki Admin here who can update the page with this info in the
troubleshoting section



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